Summary of student association Probion

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

Student association PROBION has been active on the Faculty of Food technology and biotechnology in Zagreb since 2015.

It was founded as a result of a need for more extracurricular activities. Additionally, it has enabled connection with various people from the field. Not to mention that, it is also providing opportunities for wider education and international cooperation. 

44 students from all three faculty courses (Food technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition) are part of the association.

After more than three years of work, PROBION has organised a variety of successful projects and was a vital part of several congresses and conferences. We are working closely with associations from the School of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Kinesiology, all from University of Zagreb.

Up to now, our most distinguished project is:” A cycle of interactive lectures: Healthy Habit Hunt” for which the association was awarded the Rector’s prize. Other known events are: PBF open day, Wine days, Child play on sixth of May, Beer week and Science zoom.

Many lectures and movie nights were also organised, such as: GMO in the eyes of a molecular biotechnologist, Bioterrorism as an actual challenge to the possibility of biotechnology misuse, That Sugar Film, etc.   

Beside its activity on the Faculty, PROBION is also a part of several humanitarian projects and with great pride encourages voluntary work of its members.