About us

Production of oxitetracycline and vitamine C started in 1961 in pharmaceutical company PLIVA and those biotechnology based productions reinforced higher education of experts to be employed in biotechnological industry. First postgraduate study „Biotechnology“ started in the same year at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Technology, Department of Biotechnology and was supported by PLIVA requirements. Requirements for experts from field of Biotechnology resulted in founding of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology (FFTB) as independent higher education institution at University of Zagreb in 1980. Firstly two studies – Food Engineering and Biochemical Engineering, were available and later third study – Nutrition, was introduced at the FFTB. Since 2006 undergraduate and graduate studies according Bologna process have been available at the FFTB as well as postgraduate university PhD study „Biotechnology and bioprocess engineering, food technology and nutrition“.

Development of Biotechnology, especialy Biochemical Engineering, in Republic of Croatia, can be followed via publishing of scientific and professional papers and reviews, construction of production plants according to ideas and projects of biotechnologists, patents and quality of final products. Tendency of gatering biotechnologists and experts from related fields in order to promote biotechnology, offer expert and scientific advices and improve education at higher education institutions via lectures, organization of scientific conferences and congresses, led to founding of Croatian Society of Biotechnology (CSB). Foundation Assembly held at June 15th 1990 at the FFTB was made of about 30 eminent scientists lead by professor emeritus Vera Johanides, including Marijan Bošnjak, Full Professor (first president of the CSB), Vladimir Marić, Full Professor, professor emeritus Zlatko Kniewald, Srđan Novak, Full Professor, and Daslav Hranueli, Full Professor, who all were presidents of the CSB. It is important to point out activities of Ivanka Pavušek, Full Profesor, Ljubinka Vitale, PhD, Dubravka Hršak, PhD, Srećko Matošić, Full Professor, Želimir Kurtanjek, Full Professor, and Vesna Zachner-Krpan, Full Professor, who were presidents and/or members of Executive Committee of the CBS. During fatherland war the CBS was actively involved in process of recognition of Republic of Croatia by international community. After the war when croatian economy was recovering, activities of the CSB, such as organization of scientific conferences in order to exchange information and ideas in direct and informal communication between university and industry, were of exceptional importance. In period 1999-2007 driven by immense energy of author, professor emeritus Zlatko Kniewald, as well as two presidents, Daslav Hranueli and Srđan Novak, the CBS successfully organized five international scientific conferences and published proceedings dedicated to applied biotechnology (medicine;protection of environment; production of food, immunomodulatory drugs, energy and chemicals from renewable resources).

The CSB is member and actively colaborates with European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). Sucessful collaboration of the CSB and the EFB over many years is also recognised throughout organization of international „Bioprocess Engineering Course“ (BEC) for PhD and posdoctoral level for young scientists from european scientific institutions and industry and broader. The BEC has been traditionally held since 1998.

Since establishment the CSB supports publishing of Journal „Prehrambeno-tehnološka i biotehnološka revija“, later renamed to „Food Technology and Biotechnology“, an inernational scientific journal in which croatian scientists have published scientific and professional papers and reviews in field of biotechnology. Late professor emeritus Pavao Mildner, member of the CSB, was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. Actual Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Vladimir Mrša, Full Professor, is also member of the CSB. Members of the CBS are also members of Editorial Board of the Journal, with Journal Citataion Index of 1.179 (2015; https://jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com). The CBS has around 200 members. The CBS is a member of European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association (EBTNA) since 2012, and Croatian Engineering Association since 2015.